Deposit Options

Here are the following deposit options available at Sun Palace Casino.  Please note that some deposit options are dependant on your country/past transaction history.  If you have any issues we advise to contact their live support.

Deposit MethodMinMaxDailyWeeklyMonthly

Bitcoin – BTC
$ 20$ 5,000

Credit & Debit Cards
$ 25$ 500$ 30,000$ 30,000

Instant Gift Card
$ 35$ 500$ 1,000$ 5,000$ 20,000

MST Gift Card
$ 5$ 500

$ 10$ 2,500

$ 20$ 100$ 250$ 500$ 1,000

$ 20$ 100$ 250$ 500$ 1,000

$ 20$ 100$ 250$ 500$ 1,000

$ 20$ 100$ 250$ 500$ 1,000

Using Credit/Debit Cards

We take the security of your account, customer details and payment information seriously. All credit/debit card transactions are submitted over encrypted channels to our trusted payment partners using Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 or better. This is the same technology used by online banks and financial institutions. TLS is the evolution of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). We use 2048 bit keys for encryption and employ the latest encryption ciphers and security best pratices to ensure all data and transmissions are secure.

All credit/debit card deposits are processed in real-time and deposited straight to your account.

Use your card statement as provided by your financial institution as a guide when filling out our deposit page. Our payment processor may require your exact name and address as registered with your financial institution to verify your transaction. Incorrect or invalid information may cause your transaction to be declined. If you need help updating your customer registration information, please contact Customer Services.

If your transaction is declined, please follow the information provided and try again. Some financial institutions may have placed restrictions on the use of your card that include limiting its use with international payment accounts or restricting it by the type of merchant account. We encourage you to try one of our alternative deposit methods and to contact Customer Services in order to successfully complete your deposit.

Your credit card transactions will appear on your bank statement as unless stated otherwise on your transaction receipt.

If you are using a new credit/debit card or you would like to have your limits raised, please fill out and send us this Credit/Debit Card Authorization Agreement. This completed form is required for the processing of any payouts to your account.

Using Bitcoin

Our site accepts bitcoin as a deposit method.

For your safety and security, always initiate your bitcoin transaction directly from the cashier. You will be provided a unique transaction address for your deposit. Do not reuse transaction addresses – they are for one time use only.

You may be provided a guaranteed exchange rate when converting your bitcoin transaction to your customer account currency. This exchange rate is only guaranteed for the timeframe specified. If your transaction does not complete during the timeframe or you initiate it after the timeframe has expired, a new exchange rate may apply. We use exchange rates supplied by one or or more of the major bitcoin exchanges.

We use the unofficial ISO 4217 currency code of XBT. It is functionally equivalent to amounts displayed using the informal bitcoin currency code of BTC.

1 XBT = 1 BTC

As confirmation of bitcoin transactions depends on the volume of competing transactions and your provided mining fee, we suggest you set a suitable mining fee to ensure your transaction will be confirmed in a timely manner. A third party site like  and some bitcoin wallets will suggest appropriate fees for your transaction. The number of addresses used in your wallet to constitute a payment will increase the byte size of the transaction. The mining fee is based on the byte size of your transaction and not the value of your transaction.

Bitcoin transactions, when confirmed, will automatically be reflected in your account. You will receive an email as a confirmation. You can also use our ‘Check Status’ option to check the status of a submitted transaction. Most transactions will be credited to your account within 10 minutes of submission. But this timeframe can vary based on your chosen mining fee and volume of bitcoin transactions.

If you have a transaction that appears on the bitcoin blockchain with 6 or more confirmations but has not been credited to your account, please contact Customer Services with the details and we will adjust your account accordingly.

Withdrawal Options

Here are the following withdrawal options available at Sun Palace Casino.  Please note that some withdrawal options are dependant on your country/past transaction history.  If you have any issues we advise to contact their live support.

Payout MethodMin AmountMax AmountPayout RequestsProcessing TimeFeesDescription – Terms

Direct Payout via ACH
$ 150$ 2,500unlimitedn/aFreeCountry restrictions apply.

Check by Courier
$ 400$ 2,500unlimitedn/aFree 

Check by Mail
$ 150$ 399unlimitedn/aFree 

Bitcoin Payouts
$ 150$ 1,000unlimitedn/aFree 

Requesting a Payout

Customers can request a payout from their account at any time via the cashier or by contacting Customer Services. All payout requests are subject to our Terms and Conditions and will be reviewed in a timely manner.

For reasons of security, you may be required to provide proof of identity, address and/or payment information before your payout can be processed. We do this to ensure the integrity of our financial systems and to protect your account from any unauthorized access.

Payout requests may entail processing fees based on terms and conditions of our website. Any fees associated with your request will be displayed to you and will be debited from your account in addition to the payout amount requested at the time of submitting your request.

Payout requests can have any of the following statuses within our system:

Successfully submitted payout requests are assigned the ‘Requested’ status and are queued for review by our team. At this stage, customers are able to cancel their payout from the cashier.
Under Review
As we begin to review your request, the status will change to ‘Under Review’. At this stage, customers are able to cancel their payout from the cashier.
If our team determines that your transaction and account activity meets all Terms and Conditions, the status will be set to ‘Authorized’. At this stage and beyond, customers must contact Customer Services in order to cancel or change their payout.
This is a collection of requests that fall under any of the above statuses of ‘Requested’, ‘Under Review’ or ‘Authorized’.
In Progress
Your request is ‘In Progress’ and our team is awaiting confirmation from the payment processor regarding the fulfilment of your request. Normally, your request will not be in this state for more than a few minutes.
After your request is fulfilled and funds submitted thru your payout method, the status of your request will be set to ‘Processed’.
Via the Payout Review page, you have the option to ‘Cancel’ any requests that have not reached the ‘Authorized’ status. This instructs our team not to process your request.
If our team determines your request is lacking in detail or does not meet the Terms and Conditions of our site, then the status will be set to ‘Rejected’ and additional details will be found under the Comments section for that transaction.

You may also contact Customer Services to request or cancel Payouts for your account.

Payout Review

Use the Payout Review page to review the status of your payout requests. The default view will show any requests that are Pending. You have the option to Cancel any requests that are still in a Requested or Under Review status.

To cancel a request, simply check the check box to the left of the transaction row and submit with the Cancel Selected Requests button.

You may also review payout requests that have been Processed or Rejected/Cancelled within the past 6 months using the Status drop down box.

Customer Services can provide additional assistance to you for requesting, changing or cancelling a payout.